Radio Haunt



This event aims to indulge participants in an intriguing and very spooky atmosphere. Participants face entry puzzles that lead to a treasure hidden amongst the world of unseen Radio-Waves. The treasure is paired with one of many hidden FM Transmitters. On entry, participants will be provided with an FM Receiver (or Mobiles in Radio Mode). Clues spread around the room unravel the frequency of the transmitter. This frequency should be tuned into the FM channel on the receiver to find the treasure. Failure to get to the treasure on time will lead to bouncing of the treasure frequency.

Pre requisite

Skills for solving common puzzles, Radio Tuning

Team size:

Max. Team of 5 and Min. of 2 members

Event location:

B306 ,B Block , Second floor

Contact : Manoviraj Singh : 0505083926 & Riya Desai: 0527408567